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Hoist Repair

Bespoke Engineering Services provides quality hoist repairs for clients in a variety of sectors. When an issue arises, trust our experienced team to carry out thorough repairs. All hoist repairs are undertaken meticulously to ensure you meet any applicable workplace and safety regulations.

Dual Hoist Crane

Over time, hoists will need repairs; from mechanical and electrical problems to structural issues, Bespoke Engineering Services undertakes repairs on hoists in any industrial environment. We have experience working with hoists from all manufacturers and all types, from standard industrial hoists to customised equipment.

We find cost efficient solutions to keep your equipment, workplace and employees safe and secure. Our fully qualified engineers have experience repairing hand chain, wire rope, electric chain, lever and air chain hoists, as well as a variety of different types. We undertake a tailored repair service approach in all types of sectors and settings, including hazardous locations.

Specialist Systems

When inspecting hoists, we use a specialist software system to identify issues and develop strategies for undertaking repairs. Our goal is to provide bespoke services that cater to your unique requirements and needs, as a result we can offer specialist repair services for virtually any hoist.

We have undertaken major and complex hoist repair projects throughout the UK, including replacing the main hoist drive chains on the Hull Tidal Surge Barrier for the Environment Agency. Our qualified engineers also offered specialist crane repair services to British Energy at the Torness Power Station.

We provide tailored solutions and services to customers throughout the UK. Contact us today to learn more about our hoist repair services.

Latest News & Updates

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Andy Lowrie

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Andy Lowrie

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