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Crane Safety Inspection

We take the safety of our clients and their staff extremely seriously, which is why we’re committed to ensuring that a crane is not only in good working order, but has gone through rigorous crane safety inspection.

The impact that poorly maintained or installed cranes can have on a business is detrimental and not only affects the operator, but also puts other workers at risk. If you currently own or are working with cranes, Jibs & hoists, we offer thorough and responsible inspections to help you maintain a robust safety record.

As well as the overall inspection, we also offer advice on crane up-grades such as electrical improvements that could enhance performance for example overload protection and collision avoidance, remote control.

Qualified and Experienced Inspectors

This service is undertaken by one of our qualified and experienced inspectors, who will ensure that you meet all applicable accident prevention and workplace safety regulations.

We inspect all crane models, regardless of the manufacturer and offer advice post-inspection on the following;

  • Gearbox Refurbishment
  • Brake repair and/or replacement
  • Crane Control Systems
  • Motor Repairs
  • Crane Rail & Structural Repairs

The inspections are undertaken using the latest equipment and meticulous inspection protocols and all of our inspectors provide you with complete documentation summarising the results of our inspection to help you resolve any issues.

Our Services for Your Business

Bespoke Engineering Services work with businesses across the UK to improve occupational safety. A safety inspection will help you avoid damages, claims and repair costs, as well as reduce downtime and loss of production caused by malfunctioning cranes and workplace accidents resulting from unsafe equipment.

For more information on the details of our crane safety inspections or to book yours with one of our professional today, please feel free to contact us.

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