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Experts in Crane Repairs

We at Bespoke Engineering Services, pride ourselves on the service we provide in relation to crane repairs for both electrical and mechanical faults.

From an extensive understanding of our industry, we know that crane equipment is incredibly costly and when an issue arises, it can be damaging to the functionality of your business.

How Can We Help?

Our team of professional engineers are fully trained to perform a variety of crane repairs with minimal disturbance to your work.
There are some signs to look out for to enlist the help of a specialist;

  • If there are noticeable differences with the crane speed
  • A problem that’s noticed whilst performing an inspection
  • Issues when undertaking a load test

Our experience of crane repairs and maintenance allows us to make informed decisions on the best way to repair issues with your crane and provide a service second to none.

What Repairs Can We Undertake?

We have dealt with a range of brands and models, including overhead cranes, that have required a host of repairs including;

  • Electrical faultsg. motor repairs / control systems
  • Structural concerns e.g. rope replacements
  • Mechanical problemsg. gearbox / overhauls

Our team are fully trained to assess your requirements and make an informed decision on the repair. We tailor our repair service to each case we review ensuring we deal with every problem on an individual basis.

If you have noticed an issue with your crane or you would like more information about our repair or maintenance services, contact us today on 0844 880 1638 and speak to the experts.

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Andy Lowrie

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Andy Lowrie

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